SpecPro was written and is maintained by Dan Masters (UC Riverside, Carnegie Observatories). 

Peter Capak proposed the concept of a program like SpecPro, contributed some of its code, and provided helpful suggestions throughout its development. Yuko Kakazu, Guenther Hasinger, Hai Fu, Jon Trump and Nick Scoville also provided helpful feedback during the development of the software.

Citations: Please cite this paper if you find the program helpful in your work.

We are indebted to others who have written and maintained code essential to SpecPro's functionality. SpecPro relies on the IDL Astronomy User's Library, maintained at NASA/GSFC by Wayne Landsman. In addition, most routines used by SpecPro's automated cross-correlation capability were written by others. These routines and their authors are listed below.

From the DEIMOS DEEP2 pipeline / Princeton IDL Utilities: D. Schlegel D. Schlegel D. Schlegel
djs_median: D. Schlegel D. Finkbeiner D. Schlegel M. Cooper

From John Johnson's homegrown IDL library:

From Craig Markwardt:

We also adapted the following routines for use in SpecPro: D. Schlegel (modified version called M. Cooper (modified version called

If you have suggestions, comments, or bugs to report feel free to contact Dan Masters: dmasters at obs dot carnegiescience dot edu

I will try to help, but please keep in mind that this is not my primary focus and I may not be able/willing to make every change requested. The code is fairly well-commented and users who wish to adapt it to their specific goals are welcome to do so.